Queensland reaches record 60 per cent share of energy delivered by renewables

Queensland reaches record 60 per cent share of energy delivered by renewables

By Pamela Jolly  August 3rd, 2022

Queensland has delivered a crucial win for renewable energy and a pricing reprieve for users with the highest recorded share of energy production by renewables recorded to date.


As reported by Renew Economy, sunshine and wind conditions combined to result in a 3 per cent increase in late July to set a new record for renewable energy share at 61.95 per cent. The previous recorded peak of 58.95 per cent was set earlier in the month.

With the vast majority of the state’s renewable power development concentrated on rooftop PV and large scale solar, reaching this milestone mid-winter is even more impressive.

Although the portion created by wind power was comparatively smaller at 644MW compared to 4,104MW of combined rooftop and utilities solar, this result was also an output record. The vast majority of this wind generation, 453MW, came from Cooper Gap wind farm.

Currently Queensland has limited wind power at scale. However, wind power capacity could grow with MacIntyre and Lakeland wind farm projects shortlisted in the Queensland government’s Renewables 400 program.

Traditionally Queensland has relied heavily on coal for energy production with renewables accounting for just 20 per cent over the last twelve months. Clean Energy Australia’s 2022 report indicated that Queensland’s renewable energy penetration trailed behind other states at just 19.6 per cent, significantly lower than states like NSW & ACT at 26 per cent, WA at 31.5 per cent and Victoria at 33.4 per cent.

Queensland has a 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030 and a detailed government energy plan is expected in coming months covering how the switch will be achieved. Hopefully results like those recorded on Wednesday, July 27 will expedite these plans.

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