Our People

Our People

Meet the team behind Planet Ark


These are the people who are committed to creating programs that make it easy for Australians to take simple, powerful and positive environmental actions.

Our People

Paul Klymenko

Planet Ark - Chief Sustainability Advisor and Executive Director

Rebecca Gilling

CEO and Executive Director

Ian Bridges

Chief Information Officer

Scott Dickson

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Collins

Head of Impact and Research

Adam Culley

Deputy CEO & Head of Partnerships

Claire Bell

Head of Culture and Organisation

Liam Taylor

Head of Communications

Michelle Adler

Partnerships Manager

Beau Boundy

Senior Product Stewardship & Marketing Manager

Tessa Carroll

Information Centre Support Officer

Laura Chalk

Social Media Manager

Hailey Durham

Recycling Campaigns Manager

Dr Nicole Garofano

Head of Circular Economy Development

Katrina Hitchcock

Web Developer & IT Support

Sarah Hobson

Senior Manager, Planning and Delivery

Jane Horvath

Circular Economy Hub Manager

Shirley Jin

Information Centre Support Officer

Ellice Kelly

Information Centre Support Officer

Claire Laws

Research Specialist

Katie Loughran

National Tree Day Coordinator

Emma Lucey

Senior Partnership Communications Specialist

Tom Mann

Information Centre Manager and P&C Coordinator

Keith Maxwell

Contracts Manager & Digital Asset Management

Chelsea McLean

ACE Hub Collaboration Portal Community Coordinator

Jennifer McMillan

Communications Manager

Roisin O'Neill

Events Manager

Rachael Ridley

Recycling Campaigns Manager

Nicholas Scaltrito

Campaign Coordinator

Ashmeeta Subra

Communications Coordinator

Hayley Webb

Communications Specialist

Sarah Wiecek

Visual Content Creator

Sam Williams

Circular Economy Executive Assistant

Meet The Board

Michael Coleman

Deputy-Chair and Non-Executive Director

Dr Lyndell Fraser


David Burt

Non-Executive Director

Rebecca Gilling

CEO and Executive Director

Dr David Ireland

Non-Executive Director

Howard Parry-Husbands

Non-Executive Director

Sally Torgoman

Non-Executive Director

Gillian Turner

Non-Executive Director


Dr Amanda Lloyd

Educator/Executive Director (Outdoors NSW)

Elly Awesome

Author/Vlogger/TV Presenter (Toasted TV)

Layne Beachley

World Champion Surfer/Public Speaker/Author

Costa Georgiadis

Landscape Architect/TV Host

Tanya Lewis

Professional Organiser/Keynote Speaker/Author

Dr Tony Matthews

Urban and Environmental Planner

Magdalena Roze


Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Scientist, Inventor and Engineer

Jo Taranto & Corina Seeto

Waste Warriors

James Treble

Interior Designer/TV Presenter (Renovate OR Rebuild & Open Homes Australia)

Anita Vandyke



Family Entertainer/Educator (dirtgirlworld)

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