Naturale Tissue - The Recycle Cycle
Naturale Tissue Products are made from 100% recycled paper, so it's soft on nature.
It is biodegradable and safe for all toilet systems.

Planet Ark proudly endorses Naturale for the role it plays in preventing valuable used office paper from going to waste. By choosing Naturale 100% recycled toilet tissue and paper towel you are:

  • Reducing water and energy use,
  • Reducing landfill, and
  • Supporting green Australian manufacturing.

Naturale is FSC certified and made at an advanced recycling plant located in Brisbane. Used office paper is mixed with water to create pulp, which is then cleaned and rolled to form sheet paper in a completely chorine free process. Recycling office paper to make tissue products in this way requires significantly fewer resources compared to using virgin fibre.

If every Australian household used Naturale Toilet Tissue in just one bathroom they would save 55,000 tonnes of office paper every year. That’s enough paper to fill 100 Olympic swimming pools!

The Naturale Tissue Products range includes:

  • Naturale Toilet Tissue (6 and 12 pack)
  • Naturale Paper Towels (2 pack)

By choosing Naturale you can be confident you are taking a positive environmental action that completes the ‘recycle cycle’.

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