Western Australia’s Waste Strategy open for public feedback

Western Australia’s Waste Strategy open for public feedback

By Tamanna Wadhwani  June 8th, 2023

The Western Australian government is seeking public input on the review of their waste strategy, with the consultation period closing 11 July 2023.


Western Australia’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, initially developed in 2019, is now undergoing its scheduled five-year review and will be open for public consultation for a six-week period until 11 July 2023.  

The strategy encompasses the overarching vision and specific targets aimed at transitioning WA to a low-carbon, sustainable and circular economy that prioritises protecting human health and the environment from the impacts of waste. Through this review, the government aims to assess the strategy’s successful aspects and identify areas for improvement as they progress. 

Hon Reece Whitby, WA’s Minister for Environment, Climate Action, Racing and Gaming, says that everyone has a role to play in reducing waste and helping make landfill the last resort. 

“This timely review provides an opportunity to reflect on what is working well and highlight our priority areas for the future,” said Whitby. 

Over the past five years, the state has witnessed the implementation of various initiatives including the phasing out of problematic single-use plastics and the launch of the statewide container deposit scheme Containers for Change. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce further bans on sending materials to landfill in the coming year. 

To initiate the feedback process, the government has provided a discussions paper outlining the state’s key priority areas and objectives, an overview of progress made towards its targets, and an analysis of its strengths and areas for improvement. 

“I encourage Western Australians to get involved and provide their feedback to shape the next Waste Strategy to help create a low-waste, sustainable state,” said Whitby. 

The feedback received from this consultation will contribute to the development of the state’s draft strategy, which will again be open for public feedback for a 12-week period later this year. 

Share your feedback

Western Australians are invited to provide their input either by completing an online survey or submitting a written response. Interested individuals can also register for an online information session

For more information, visit the Waste Authority website


Tamanna Wadhwani

Tamanna moved from India to Australia to pursue a degree in environmental science and conservation biology. After learning about the concept of a circular economy in 2020, she worked with various organisations in this sector and is interested in solving complex climate change and waste management problems. She loves to communicate with people about all things sustainability or animals. Outside of work, Tamanna is a budding hip hop dancer who also loves travelling, cat cuddles and reading.

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