New collaboration partnership to boost Western Australia’s circular economy opportunities

New collaboration partnership to boost Western Australia’s circular economy opportunities

By Tamanna Wadhwani  January 12th, 2023

The ACE Hub partners with CEWA to encourage Western Australia’s circular economy potential.


Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) is excited to announce a new collaborative partnership with CEWA- Circular Economy Western Australia in efforts to expand and catalyse the circular transition in the western state. 

CEWA is a not-for-profit association, that was formed by an experienced steering committee made up of representatives from government, industry and the community who are passionate and committed to progressing the circular economy. Their mission is a diversified, resilient and circular WA economy that is characterised by prosperity, meaningful jobs and zero emissions. 

Planet Ark Head of Circular Economy Development, Nicole Garofano, said the partnership with CEWA would enable greater collaboration on circular economy actions in Western Australia.

“CEWA’s work in WA has been critical towards advancing WA’s burgeoning circular economy through their focus on shared knowledge and collaborative action. We are thrilled to be entering into this partnership with CEWA where we will work together to advance circular economy adoption in WA as well as nationally.”

CEWA’s key goal is impact through action, which they aim to achieve by a 3-step plan: 

  • INFORM: By raising awareness through the public, education and promoting opportunities 

  • CONNECT: Through local innovation hubs, building communities and capabilities through networking 

  • TRANSFORM: By inspiring sustainable behaviour, supporting circular market development and creating jobs 

GHD Circular Economy Technical Director and CEWA team member, Huia Adkins, said that the partnership with the ACE Hub is critical as they support the circular economy development in WA, and that collaboration and sharing know-hows are key to a circular and decarbonised future of Australia. 

“It is a fantastic opportunity to share our visions, knowledge, and work together with an amazing pool of talented experts such as ACE hub to embrace circularity in our state and across the country."

Together, we are excited to explore the circular economy opportunities, unlocking the social, environmental and economic values for WA. 


Tamanna Wadhwani

Tamanna moved from India to Australia to pursue a degree in environmental science and conservation biology. After learning about the concept of a circular economy in 2020, she worked with various organisations in this sector and is interested in solving complex climate change and waste management problems. She loves to communicate with people about all things sustainability or animals. Outside of work, Tamanna is a budding hip hop dancer who also loves travelling, cat cuddles and reading.

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