The best positive environment news stories of 2022

The best positive environment news stories of 2022

By Pamela Jolly  December 19th, 2022

A positive holiday read, as we recap some of our well loved stories from 2022.


This year medicine blister packs became easier to recycle with drop-off points popping up around Australia, a tiny Greek island raced to be zero waste, a tortoise turned 190 years old and much more. Make sure you haven't missed any of our most read positive environment news from 2022, as we wrap up stories that inspired our readers and made us cheer throughout the year.

Dropping off medicine blister packs for recycling just got easier

Recycling medical blister packs has become more broadly available with Pharmacycle's program to provide 110 collection locations. Learn more about the chemists participating and plans to expand across Australia.

Tilos' program to become the best recycler attracts unintended benefits

A small Greek island between Rhodes and Nisyros has managed to increase waste recycling to 86%. But the benefits of the new system aren't just isolated to less waste as residents and tourists have discovered.

Uncovering rivers in some of the world's biggest cities

Around the world a new trend called 'daylighting' is bringing city rivers back to light, some of which have been buried beneath urban sprawl for a century or more.

Aussie cherry tomato wholesaler introduces plastic-free punnets in supermarkets across Perth

The industry-first packaging alternative is replacing hundreds of single-use plastic containers. 

Jonathan turns 190, becoming the oldest tortoise ever

We cracked open the Champers to celebrate Jonathan's 190th birthday this year. Born in 1832, the adorable fella already holds the Guinness World Record for oldest living land animal and is now also the oldest tortoise of all time.

Thank you for your continued support in 2022, here's hoping 2023 will be even better for people and the planet!

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