Black swans flock to the Murray in large numbers as the river explodes with life

Black swans flock to the Murray in large numbers as the river explodes with life

By Lucy Jones  February 18th, 2022

Wet conditions have created oasis of life in South Australia's Lower Lakes and Coorong region.


If you stand at the mouth of the Murray river these days you will likely see huge flocks of black swans and migratory birds from Siberia. Water plants and aquatic species like frogs are also thriving thanks to months of sustained flows into South Australia's Coorong and Lower Lakes.

The wet conditions have "created an explosion of food web for many, many different species, but in particular the one that we have noticed dramatic changes in are the black swan," local station owner, Sally Grundy, told ABC News.

High rainfall and consistent flow of water from full nearby dams have created excellent conditions for the variety of plants and animals that rely on unique ecosystem where freshwater and saltwater lakes meet.

"This summer, with the extraordinary water we've had around from the environmental flows and the rain, it has created an explosion on the saltwater side, so as far as your eye could see it was black swans and cygnets," Mrs Grundy said.

"That's testament that the environmental flows and what they're trying to do to revitalise the Coorong is working."

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