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HIH GreenSmart Awards celebrate Australia's most sustainable homes

By Billy Pringle  September 14th, 2017

The Housing Industry Association has announced the winners of its GreenSmart awards, recognising the builders, designers and manufacturers who are striving for the highest standard of sustainability in the building industry.


The Housing Industry Association has announced its picks for Australia's best sustainable homes of 2017. The HIA GreenSmart Awards recognise the builders, designers and manufacturers who are striving for the highest standard of sustainability in the building industry.

This year, Victorian building company The Sociable Weaver won the award for HIA Australian GreenSmart Home of the Year. The design includes a butterfly-shaped roof to maximise solar penetration, as well as a kitchen bench feature made from recycled brick walls and recycled concrete pipe. Not only did The Sociable Weaver take out the top spot with their carbon positive, 10-star energy-efficient rated home, they also won the GreenSmart Display Home award.

Winners and finalists from all over the country were recognised for their contribution to sustainable practices in the industry. Other notable winners included Queensland company DJG Projects, who won the GreenSmart Custom Built Home Award with an off-grid house controlled by photovoltaic powered smart automation, and WA’s Right Homes who won the GreenSmart Townhouse/Villa Development award for 8 and 9.5-star energy efficient rated townhouses, and the GreenSmart Water Efficiency award for a home that will consume 80% less water than the average house, thanks in part to two 7,000 litre rainwater tanks.

"HIA GreenSmart Awards are a true showcase of builders and designers at the forefront of sustainability. Now more than ever consumers are looking for smarter ways to build and are increasingly seeking energy efficient homes for their comfort and long-term cost savings," said HIA Managing Director, Shane Goodwin.

For those of us hoping to see some green designs first hand, Sustainable House Day offers the perfect opportunity. This Sunday 17 September more than 170 houses across Australia will open their doors to 20,000 expected attendees, showcasing everything from solar and battery storage systems to green roofs and off-grid properties.

Sustainable House Day is an annual event run by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), a not-for-profit organisation focusing on sustainable living and energy efficiency.

"Sustainable House Day is a unique opportunity for people to come and learn how to make their own homes more environmentally friendly, comfortable and cheaper to run" said Donna Luckman, ATA's Chief Executive.

Tickets to Sustainable House Day 2017 are currently sold out but for more sustainable home ideas and to find out about Sustainable House Day 2018 visit the website.

Positive Action

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, there are a number of ways that you can save money while also reducing your ecological footprint.

  • Consider switching to a retailer that offers a GreenPower product
  • Switch to LED lighting where possible. The initial cost may be higher but it pays for itself in lower bills
  • If you have air conditioning, switch the thermostat up one or two degrees in summer, and use natural ventilation where possible. If your air conditioning is on a timer, consider cooling your house in periods of low demand (i.e. in the middle of the day) and turning it down or off in periods of high demand
  • When appliances need replacing, choose the most energy-efficient model that suits your needs



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By Billy Pringle

Billy has completed a Masters in Discourse and Social Theory and is a frequent volunteer and supporter of Planet Ark.

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