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Orange's power bears fruit for Planet Ark and Aware Environmental

By 0  July 24th, 2017

Planet Ark's endorsed product range helps you choose wisely at the supermarket with a range of products that are kind to the environment and your home.


The choices you make while shopping can make a big difference to the environment. The Planet Ark Endorsed logo makes it easy for you to pick out the more environmentally responsible, good quality and effective products – plus it's a terrific way to support the work we do at Planet Ark! Planet Ark’s endorsement of Orange Power cleaning products and Aware Sensitive laundry products, made by Australian owned and based company Aware Environmental, is a great example of how you can choose wisely.

When a customer sees the Endorsed by Planet Ark logo, they can be comfortable in the knowledge that we have reviewed each product to ensure its efficacy, positive impact on the enviornment and on human wellbeing.

Orange Power was born out of a discovery on Mildura’s orange farms by brothers Andrew and Iain, that orange oil could be used in sustainable domestic cleaning products. Orange Power has since become one of Australia's favourite home grown household brands. All Orange Power cleaning and laundry products are formulated without using harsh chemicals and palm oil derived ingredients, rather relying on the abilities of their natural formulas.

The Aware Sensitive range is completely free of ingredients that irritate allergy and skin conditions such as optical brighteners, fragrances, dyes and enzymes – making them perfect for asthma and allergy suffers and young children.

Aware Environmental has been a proud supporter of Planet Ark for nearly 10 years and during that time, have contributed $835,945 to our cause. These funds have helped us with programs such as National Tree Day which has planted over 23 million trees and allows us to research new initiatives such as Planet Ark Coffee (a coffee grounds recycling program currently in planning).

Aware Environmental’s mission is to offer all consumers environmentally sustainable alternative household products that really work and by doing so, eliminate the use of unsustainable and environmentally damaging resources. This is very much in line with Planet Ark’s philosophy of helping people take positive actions in their daily life to benefit the environment and use sustainable resources.

Aware and Orange Power products are one of the only palm-oil free options in cleaning and laundry ranges available in supermarkets. They have recently announced a Corporate Partnership with the Orangutan Project to make a direct contribution to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orangutans in Indonesia.

By choosing how you spend your money wisely you can ensure the products you purchase are kind to the environment and your home. And you can make a big difference to organisations like Planet Ark! Choose products from environmentally responsible companies like Aware Environmental and keep them as a sustainable, Australian made choice on supermarket shelves


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