Recycling Near You

Recycling Near You

Helping households reduce waste and recycle more


What is Recycling Near You?

We want to make recycling easy and accessible for everyone.

Recycling Near You is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling information service. Find out what you can recycle in your household recycling bin, as well as drop-off locations for a wide range of items that can’t be recycled at home such as electronics, mattresses, coffee capsules, paint and much more.

Why is it important to recycle?

Australians are generating waste at a faster rate than our population is growing. We produce around 67 million tonnes of waste per year! 

We need to change the way we view our waste and see it as a resource. Most of it is made up of materials that can be recovered and turned into new products when recycled correctly. This not only diverts resources from going to landfill but keeps valuable materials in circulation for as long as possible in the circular economy.

Knowing what can and can’t be recycled can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we created Recycling Near You. This free online resource is full of up-to-date recycling information and is available to all Australians. It helps you recycle right and find reuse options for your unwanted items. 

There are so many ways to reduce waste, reuse options to explore and places Australians can recycle. Recycling Near You provides all these practical solutions no matter where you live (or visit) – Ryan Collins, Head of Circular Economy Programs

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