Tasmania is now powered by 100% renewable energy

Tasmania is now powered by 100% renewable energy

By Lucy Jones  December 2nd, 2020

Tassie just became the first state in Australia, and one of just a few jurisdictions in the world, to be powered entirely by renewable energy.


Tasmania is living up to its reputation of being Australia's greenest and cleanest state this week with the announcement that it has achieved its goal of 100 per cent renewable electricity. (Did you know that Tasmania's Cape Grim Peninsula is where you'll find the cleanest air in the world?)

The state is now able to generate all the power it needs through wind and hydroelectricity projects.

“We have reached 100 per cent thanks to our commitment to realising Tasmania’s renewable energy potential through our nation-leading energy policies and making Tasmania attractive for industry investment, which in turn is creating jobs across the State, particularly in our regions,” Tasmanian energy minister, Guy Barnett, said in a statement.

Tasmania reached this target two years ahead of schedule thanks to two new wind turbines commissioned for a wind farm on the state's west coast. Once up-and-running, the turbines will give the wind farm a total renewable generating capacity of 10,741 GWh, exceeding the state's average annual demand of 10,500 GWh.

“For Granville Harbour Wind Farm to be the actual catalyst for Tasmania achieving its 100 per cent renewable energy target two years ahead of schedule is a remarkable outcome, and one that everyone involved with its development should be very proud of,” Granville wind farm project director, Lyndon Frearson, said.

Tasmania joins ACT as the only two Australian states powered entirely by renewable electricity. The state has now set the ambitious goal of reaching a 200 per cent renewable energy target by 2040. Tassie also hopes to grow its export of zero emissions energy to mainland Australia and green hydrogen to the rest of the world.

“There is more to do, which is why we have set a target to double our renewable generation to a global-leading target of 200 per cent of our current needs by 2040 — which we recently passed into law following the passing of legislation through both Houses of Parliament,” Barnett said. “We are also continuing to progress the Marinus Link and Battery of the Nation projects that represent an intergenerational opportunity to make Tasmania a global leader and the renewable energy powerhouse of Australia.”

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