Sustainable workplaces find sustainable workforces

Sustainable workplaces find sustainable workforces

By Nicholas Scaltrito  August 11th, 2023

While many businesses are aware of the benefits adopting sustainable business practices can have for their clientele, Australian researchers recently found these measures can also bolster staff retention rates.


The study, conducted by the Australian Catholic University, found links between sustainable business practices and perceived business success and stability. The researchers found workers who perceived their employer as sustainable were also more likely to perceive the business as successful, be more invested in the business and remain employed at the company for longer. 

In the same way that consumers look to purchase from companies that share their mindset, employees are similarly looking for an employer that demonstrates and understanding of similar values. When a company aligns with their employees' values, those employees are more likely to stay as it influences feelings of hope and inspires them to become more deeply engaged. 

The study surveyed respondents from a variety of industries including telecommunications, government, finance and legal services, healthcare, tourism and education. This indicates the study’s findings do not apply exclusively to industries that traditionally align with green innovation, but instead across the full spectrum of the business community. Similar results were found in a larger study conducted by Deloitte where over 75 per cent of staff were more likely to continue their employment within the retail industry if the business where they worked had a focus on sustainability. 

With the cost of living becoming an increasingly salient point for many in Australia, and job mobility reaching its highest rate since 2012, the concern for many employers is maintaining their existing workforce. This research suggests that sustainability can be a powerful force at building a greener office culture and your work force while committing to a sustainable environmental future. 

Australian businesses have a big opportunity to improve the way we move forward as a sustainable country. Doing so will boost the economy, provide more green jobs, and preserve natural resources. As current research is finding, there are mutually beneficial advantages to taking a meaningful approach to sustainable business practices.  

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