Northern Territory opens $1.5M recycling infrastructure grants program

Northern Territory opens $1.5M recycling infrastructure grants program

By Rachael Ridley  October 31st, 2023

The Northern Territory Government has announced a $1.5 million grant program to improve recycling outcomes and address critical gaps around waste management and resource recovery in the Northern Territory.


The Circular Economy NT (CENT) grant program will target projects that will support the upgrades and infrastructure expansion in the local waste and resource recovery sector. Grants of at least $50,000 are available for approved projects. 

The CENT grant program is focused on: 

  • construction and demolition 

  • food and garden organics 

  • commercial and industrial 

  • electronic waste including PV solar panels. 

All projects must be completed and operational by 30 June 2025. It must remain operational for at least 5 years once the project is completed. 

Who can apply?

Eligible organisations must: 

  • be an incorporated legal entity, with or without a registered business name 

  • hold a valid Australian business number and have been operating under that number for at least one year 

  • can financially commit and have authority to co-fund at least 50% of the total project costs 

  • have a history of compliance with all legislative requirements and is fully compliant with all the relevant laws. 

What type of projects will be funded?

Eligible projects must: 

  • have their main recycling infrastructure and operations fully located in the NT 

  • develop a solution that deals with waste materials generated in the NT that are: 

  • currently being landfilled or 

  • recovered to low value outlets 

  • increase the capacity for domestic recycling, reuse and/or manufacturing of materials 

  • deliver new or improved resource recovery, recycling and remanufacturing infrastructure 

  • demonstrate a long-term return (at least 5 years) on investment to the NT in improving recycling, reprocessing and/or remanufacturing 

  • be completed and operational by 30 June 2025. 

Application details

Applications for the grant program closes on 5 January 2024. To apply, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Read the terms and conditions. 

Circular Economy NT program terms and conditions PDF (242.4 KB)

Circular Economy NT program terms and conditions DOCX (86.1 KB)

  • Step 2:  Apply online through GrantsNT

For more information, email 


Rachael Ridley

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