New electric vehicle charger in the Nullarbor will run on used roadhouse cooking oil

New electric vehicle charger in the Nullarbor will run on used roadhouse cooking oil

By Lucy Jones  December 10th, 2021

Used chip oil from the deep fryers of Caiguna Roadhouse in the Nullarbor will soon power a new electric vehicle charging station.


Unable to afford the upfront cost of solar and batteries, an Aussie roadhouse has come up with the innovative way to generate electricity: burning used cooking oil.

"We've started collecting the fat from the deep fryers," Don Waugh, the roadhouse's owner, told ABC News.

"It's a fantastic idea — it's just whether we can get that much oil."

A group of electric vehicle enthusiasts led by retired engineer Jon Edwards have been lobbying for a charging station in the Nullarbor to connect existing networks in South Australia and Western Australia. Once set up, the charging station would allow drivers to make the trip from Sydney to Perth in an electric vehicle.

Jon explained used cooking oil is a great solution for businesses in remote areas without the funds to set up solar-powered charing stations. Once you "filter out the crispy bits" the oil, which is traditionally landfilled, acts as a great electricity source.

"And the fuel is free," Jon added.

"This is a solution for those roadhouses that are in the 'too-hard basket' with very low volumes of traffic and no business case to support solar and batteries."

The charging station is also expected to bring new business to the area. A win/win for the locals and the environment.

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