Nature's biggest reproductive event brings new life and new hope for Great Barrier Reef recovery

Nature's biggest reproductive event brings new life and new hope for Great Barrier Reef recovery

By Lucy Jones  November 26th, 2021

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Love was in the air for the thousands of coral reefs that make up Australia's Great Barrier Reef this week. Trillions of eggs and sperm were released simultaneously in the Reef's annual spawning event, filling the water with the promise of new life.

The natural marvel has given conservationists renewed hope for the future of the ecosystem.

"This spawning event is another sign that the reef is recovering, it is not all doom and gloom for the reef, it is looking amazing and it is very encouraging to see it bouncing back," Marine biologist Gareth Phillips told ABC News.

Yellow, orange and red clouds of coral spawn filled the water during the annual simultaneous mating event. Coral is pretty particular about when it chooses to get freaky — it only spawns at night, a few days after a full moon, in calm waters where temperatures have exceeded 26 degrees for a month.

After 2020's coral bleaching, this year's spawning event is a welcome sight, with Gareth saying the Reef "hadn't looked as good as it has for a long time".

Story via ABC News.

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