Local environmental experts shine in the ABC's new nature documentary

Local environmental experts shine in the ABC's new nature documentary

By Pamela Jolly  February 16th, 2023

Australia’s Wild Odyssey is a captivating new three-part nature documentary series on the ABC. It takes an extraordinary cinematic journey into Australia’s remote wilderness explaining the role water plays in shaping our weather patterns, land formations and connecting healthy ecosystems.


Following a range of animals from apex predators through to insects, viewers gain a newfound appreciation for the niche characteristics and behaviours our uniquely Australian species have developed to survive.

The Wild Pacific Media team, led by Director, writer and cinematographer Nick Robinson, have captured incredible close-up footage. Look out for the baby long-toed jacanas as they move across the water and find creative ways to hide from crocodiles.

Nick Robinson, Director, writer and cinematographer for Australia's Wild Odyssey

Nick Robinson, Director, writer and cinematographer for Australia's Wild Odyssey

“Capturing the jacana scene as it plays out on screen, only took a few moments,” said Nick as the action happened right in front of the team’s cameras.  “Prior to that, we spent weeks floating around in small boats watching the animals and learning their behaviours to work out where, how and even which individuals were likely to put up with us and our cameras in close proximity.”

Starting out as a marine biologist, Nick switched into cinematography enjoying the chance to work with experts in their field.

“One of the great privileges of my job as a natural history filmmaker is that I get to meet and spend time in the bush with all kinds of people obsessed with different aspects of the natural world.”

It is these interactions that led to the conception of the ecology series.

“A show like this could only work with great science communicators, so we set out on a year-long process of connecting with passionate people to work out who might be the best person to explain each of the ecological concepts we set out to tackle in the series,” said Nick.

Narrated by actress Deborah Mailman, the series showcases the work of First Nations rangers and Elders, researchers and ecologists as they proactively manage the land and monitor animal populations.

Watching this ensemble of passionate experts tell their stories will help you feel inspired and more curious about nature. Rated G, it’s great to watch as a family. As long as they don’t mind seeing marsupials enjoy the occasional insect snack.

Stream Australia’s Wild Odyssey now on ABC iview.


Pamela Jolly

Pamela is a Marketing Communications professional with over 10 years experience working for both agencies and organisations in communications, travel, finance and retail industries. Pamela loves to be in nature riding a bike, skiing, appreciating the trees at her local park or exploring wild places abroad with her family.

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