Heartwarming stories of community kindness during the floods

Heartwarming stories of community kindness during the floods

By Lucy Jones  March 8th, 2022

This week has been tough for our friends on the east coast but seeing the community bond together in tough times is truly uplifting.


Our hearts go out to everyone struggling with flooding and wild weather on the east coast right now. In times like these, we need positive news stories more than ever, especially those involving animals. Thankfully, the people and animals of Australia have come through with the goods — from chicken rescue missions to sweet snakes, here are the stories of kindness getting us through this difficult time.

1. Steve the hen hero

Steve Waldren helped save hundreds of his neighbours hens from drowning when flood waters arrived. Together, they ferried the girls to higher ground on a kayak. Steve's neighbour is an egg farmer and their efforts helped preserve the lives of hundreds of hens as well as his livelihood.

2. Baby echidna on the mend

Little Congo the baby echidna was separated from mum in the floods but was rescued by wildlife carers on the Sunshine Coast. Congo is now with an experienced echidna carer and is expected to make a full recovery.

3. Brave border collie

DJ the border collie was found alive after three days alone, with 10 dogs and six cats also rescued. DJ fell into floodwaters during an emergency rescue on live television, to the dismay of his owners and viewers but survived three nights alone on the property before being reunited with his family. You can read more of DJ's story here.

4. We're all friends here

The much-maligned eastern brown snake revealed a softer side during the floods by acting as a living life raft for a host of other critters. The little cutie went viral in TikTok video that captures mice, frogs and beetles hitching a ride on its back to stay dry.

@sunnycoastsnakecatchers Brown Snake Gives Frogs and Rats a Ride during Floods. #amazing #water #wow #danger #nature #wildlife #wet #australia #reptile #animal #adrenaline ♬ original sound - Stuart McKenzie

5. Frog rescue mission

Broome residents rescued hordes of long-footed frogs from swimming pools. The little critters can't survive for long in pools, so residents worked quickly to return them to a safe environment. Frog populations are in decline and their abundance is something to celebrate, as it is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Read more about the rescue mission here.

6. Seabird survival

Trevor the Crested Tern was rescued from Wategos Beach in Byron Bay after a battle with the weather left him exhausted and cold. He is doing well and Dr Megan Kearny from Vitality Vetcare is looking after him until he is well enough to be released.

Huge shout out to the Australian community, vets and wildlife groups working together to help our native wildlife, animals and fellow humans. You're all incredible. 

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Lucy Jones

Lucy started her career working as a writer and editor in print and digital publishing. She went on to create content for Australia's leading sustainable fashion platform while completing her Master of Cultural Studies. Lucy spends her downtime at the beach, crocheting and hanging out with her cat Larry. She believes words can change the world and is stoked to help Planet Ark spread the message of positive environmental change.

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