Farmers gift 13,000 hectares of habitat to critically endangered plains-wanderer birds

Farmers gift 13,000 hectares of habitat to critically endangered plains-wanderer birds

By Lucy Jones  October 22nd, 2021

A group of farmers in south-western NSW have banded together to provide habitat for one of Australia's rarest birds.


The critically endangered plains-wanderer will be able to roam freely on a 13,000 hectare area of land gifted by the landowners. Around 25 landowners donated sections of their plots through a partnership with the NSW government's Saving our Species conservation program.

"Thanks to rural people who care, the iconic plains-wanderer is a step closer to being secured in the wild for the future," threatened species officer with Saving our Species, David Parker, told ABC News.

"It's definitely proven that farming and conservation can work together."

As their name suggests, the plains-wanderer thrives in large areas of native grassland. The speckled birds are duck-like in appearance and mostly grownd-dwelling, relying on their spots to camouflage them from predators.

"In an average year the bird requires 60 per cent bare ground and about 40 per cent grass, with a bit of litter as well," David said.

"They're quite a fussy beast."

The landholders involved in the project have agreed to monitor the conditions on the land to ensure it is meeting the needs of these special creatures.

Story via ABC News.

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