British Airways flight powered by used cooking oil

British Airways flight powered by used cooking oil

By Lucy Jones  October 22nd, 2021

The airline says the flight produced 62 per cent less emissions than the same trip would have a decade ago.


British Airways ran its first flight on by recycled cooking oil this week. The London to Glasgow flight was partly powered by a sustainable fuel made with used cooking oil.

The combined use of this fuel and an optimal flight path meant the trip emitted 62 per cent less CO2 than the same journey would have ten years ago. These measures, alongside use of electrified airport vehicles and new and more efficient planes, meant the airline also offset the CO2 produced by the trip, making the flight carbon-neutral.

The airline operated on the new A32neo, a fuel-efficient plane designed for short-haul journeys. It is part of a larger push to reduce the impacts of the aviation industry as we head into COP26.

"This flight offered a practical demonstration of the progress we're making in our carbon reduction journey. By working together with our industry partners we've delivered a 62 per cent improvement in emissions reductions compared to a decade ago," British Airways chief executive, Sean Doyle, said.

"This marks real progress in our efforts to decarbonise and shows our determination to continue innovating, working with governments and industry, and accelerating the adoption of new low-carbon solutions."

Story via The Guardian.

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