BINGO advances towards 100% renewable electricity with solar implementation

BINGO advances towards 100% renewable electricity with solar implementation

    By Emma Lucey  March 6th, 2023


    BINGO Industries has released its 2022 sustainability report, which highlights significant strides the organisation has made towards the company’s vision of a waste-free Australia. 

    The CEO of BINGO, Chris Jeffrey, emphasised that the company is fully committed to driving change and making a positive impact. 

    "Our entire business model is based on sustainability, and the work we do in diverting large volumes of waste from landfill abates thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions," Jeffrey said. 

    The company has abated more than 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions through its recycling activities in FY22, which is equivalent to taking 53,867 cars off the road for a year. BINGO has also implemented processes resulting in an abatement of over 1.15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the past five years. 

    The transition to 100% renewable electricity is an essential part of Bingo Industries' overall sustainability strategy. The company has already made significant progress towards this goal, with the installation of eleXsys technology and over 1,500 solar panels across its sites. Together, these systems produce over 260,000 kWh of electricity, which represents approximately 25% of the electricity required at those locations.  

    The company has a clearly defined decarbonisation pathway, which aims to make its operations carbon-neutral by 2040. BINGO is also working towards a 50% reduction of its 2020baseline emissions by 2030. 

    In addition to its environmental initiatives, Bingo Industries is committed to making a positive impact on the community. The company has donated over $1 million to various charity and community organisations since 2014 and has supported waste education programs involving almost 1,200 school children.   

    BINGO has been a proud partner of Planet Ark since 2011 and came on board as an Official Sponsor of the Australian Circular Economy Hub to assist in advocating for change to support circularity, collaborate with innovators in developing recycling solutions and help the government and private sectors recycle more waste and use more recycled content. BINGO’s services, products, and practices exemplify why the company is a leader in the circular economy in Australia. 


    Read more about Bingo’s goals and achievements in the Bingo Industries Sustainability Report 2022.  


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