ALDI Australia will switch to 100% renewable power by 2021

ALDI Australia will switch to 100% renewable power by 2021

By Lucy Jones  September 1st, 2020

The supermarket chain has committed to transitioning its 555 stores and eight distribution centres to renewable energy sources by the end of 2021.


ALDI just gave us another reason to love them with the announcement that the company will be switching to 100% renewable power over the next year. The plan to install solar panels on hundreds of stores and buy power from local wind farms sets a fantastic precedent for other Australian supermarkets.

ALDI initially committed to reducing its carbon emissions in 2012. So far, the company has already managed to reduce its footprint by 40% by introducing more energy efficient systems.

"We know that as a major Australian retailer, ALDI has a far-reaching influence and can positively impact the wider community through our actions," Daniel Baker, ALDI's Director of Corporate Responsibility, said in a statement.

ALDI will use store rooftops to generate 15% of its total energy from solar. Over 250 stores and six distribution centres will be equipped with solar panels by the end of this year. That's a grand total of 102,000 panels which will prevent approximately 41,000 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year.

The remainder of ALDI's energy will be generated by two wind farms, one in New South Wales and one in Victoria, which will power the stores in those states. ALDI has signed two ten year Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) with these wind farms to produce 180,000 megawatt-hours of electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 160,000 tonnes a year.

"To be 100% powered by renewable electricity is part of our global commitment to achieve a company-wide ‘Science-Based Target’ for climate protection," Baker explained.

"The ALDI SOUTH Group, which ALDI Australia is part of, aims to reduce its overall operational emissions by more than a quarter by the end of 2025; working towards a vision of zero carbon by 2050."

"It is our hope that more businesses will invest in renewable energy so it becomes more accessible and affordable for Australians," he added.

ALDI's switch to solar power will be the biggest commercial rollout of the technology in Australia so far.

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