10 tips for an eco-friendly road trip

10 tips for an eco-friendly road trip

By Ashmeeta Subra  March 19th, 2024

Have a road trip in mind for the upcoming long weekend? Planet Ark has got you covered!


We’ve rounded out our top ten tips to help you make environmentally conscious choices as you hit the road on your next adventure.  

1. Pack your lunch: Kickstart your journey by packing meals and snacks using what you have in your fridge. Not only will this help fuel you during the trip, but it will also save any ingredients from going bad and prevent food waste while you’re away. You could also stop somewhere scenic to enjoy a nice picnic.  

2. Travel light: Pack only the essentials you need to reduce the weight of your vehicle, which can help minimise fuel consumption and emissions. Here’s where a packing list comes in handy, ensuring you don’t pack any unnecessary or duplicate items. 

3. Plan your route: Plan your route ahead of time to minimise travel time, costs and emissions. Most mobile map applications will allow you add stops to your journey and help you plan the most efficient route. Consider combining more than one travel method by switching to public transport at your destination, if feasible.  

4. Choose sustainable accommodation: When choosing where to stay the night on a long trip, choose accommodations committed to sustainable practices that benefit the environment and local community. Alternatively, bring along camping gear to set up camp for a night or two. If you choose to camp, ensure you are adhering to local area guidelines and keep the area clean for the next visitor to enjoy.  

5. Embrace reusables: Pack reusable cutlery, straws, containers and bags to minimise single-use plastic waste throughout your journey. 

6. Manage waste responsibly: Keep a bag or two handy for recyclables and trash you end up with to ensure proper disposal and minimise litter in your car or along the route. Just ensure that when disposing of recyclables into appropriate bins you keep them loose, rather than in a bag. 

7. Bring your own water: You could refill reusable water bottles at designated stations to avoid purchasing bottled water, saving money and space while reducing plastic waste. Find a water refilling station to help you plan your route for convenient water refill stops. 

8. Take breaks and explore: Consider stopping along the way to stretch your legs, enjoy nature, or explore local attractions instead of driving non-stop. It’s a great chance to hike a cool path and see the rest of nature by foot. Ensure you have some snacks and water to help stay energised along the way.  

9. Opt for low-waste activities: Borrow games or books from friends and family, tune in to audiobooks or podcasts for entertainment and enjoy quality time together in the car while avoiding unnecessary one-time purchases. 

10. Drive responsibly: Finally, we strongly urge you to drive within speed limits and avoid idling your car unnecessarily to keep your group safe, save costs on fuel and reduce environmental impact where possible. 

Wishing you happy and eco-friendly travels as you incorporate these tips into your next road trip adventure! 


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Ashmeeta Subra

With background in international relations and marketing communications, Ashmeeta is excited to use her skills to encourage positive environmental actions through Planet Ark. She believes that by taking small actions, we can help make a big difference and be good stewards of our planet. Outside of work, she loves spending time in nature and enjoying downtime at the beach.

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