Regenerating: Our Land Our People Our Future

Regenerating: Our Land Our People Our Future

Research Report


Research Report

July 20th, 2020


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In the wake of relentless drought, a brutal and tragic summer of bushfires and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian people and land are facing the task of recovering and rebuilding. Regeneration is perhaps more important for the Australian people and our environment now than ever before.

The monumental, life and landscape altering events Australians have faced in the past year have caused immense stress, devastation and loss. We aim to explore how our land and our communities have been impacted and how together we can start the journey towards regeneration. This year’s Tree Report will focus on regeneration from three perspectives, drawing on scientific research and expert opinion in order to share knowledge and provide practical tips for personal and environmental regeneration.

Our Land

Examining how Australian landscapes have been impacted by the devastating 2019/2020 bushfire season, in addition to ongoing drought that has caused widespread destruction.

Our People

Dealing with the mental health impacts of living through a global pandemic and an unprecedented bushfire season within six months, in addition to ongoing eco-anxiety associated with climate change and other environmental concerns.

Our Future

Investigating human resilience after exposure to trauma and how Australian ecosystems, while naturally resilient, may fundamentally transform if pushed beyond their tipping point.

Dr Claire Brandenburger


Sarah Chaplin

Assistant Manager National Tree Day

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