Planet Ark Power at School
By commissioning a solar PV installation from Planet Ark Power, your school can save money and reduce the rising power bill as well as promote environmental stewardship and provide an educational tool for students to learn about energy sources, alternatives, efficiency and issues relating to energy usage.

Siena College Success Story 

Siena College PDF

When the outgoing Principal of Siena College in Sippy Downs Queensland announced his retirement for the end of 2016, he wanted to be able to leave behind a legacy item for the school to benefit from for years into the future. Around the same time, Siena College’s cyclical review process had highlighted that solar power was the way in which Principal Hight could provide such a legacy. 

“Our Cyclical Review process looks at several components, one of which is Stewardship of Resources and last year’s review of this identified solar power as a need in that we are stewards of our environment and this is one way of guarding what we have” Mr Graeme Hight, Siena College Principal

After commissioning the installation of an 80 kW solar system from Planet Ark Power, Siena college will significantly reduce their electricity bill, which was running at $75,000 a year The system will generate approximately 120,000 kWh annually for the school with emissions savings of 93.6 tonnes of CO2e. This equals the emissions of 18.5 households in the local area or approximately 500,000 km travelled by car. 


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