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There are so many ways kids and teachers can make a positive impact with Planet Ark's campaigns.

Planet Ark has created a calendar you can download and use or print out for other staff to see.

Check out of each of our campaigns below.

Schools Tree Day - Friday 26 July 2019

Tree Day

Planet Ark's most popular campaign is relevant to every child - and every year Planet Ark commissions research to back that up. Held on or around 27 July 2018, Schools Tree Day can mark the beginning of a long-term environmental program, engaging students in a fun, hands on activity that can reinforce their environmental, maths, science and creative arts learning or simply contribute to creating beautiful school grounds.

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National Recycling Week - 11-17 November 2018

Starting before National Recycling Week the Schools Recycle Right Challenge is a great way for kids to learn the many aspects of recycling. Visit the website to see all the options available.

Join hundreds of other schools around the country by using our NAPLAN style lessons about recycling, Arts and Crafts activities, Competitions, Waste-Free Lunch and a whole lot more.

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Planet Ark Paper

Paper is one of the most commonly recycled materials - but did you know that your school can now buy high quality 100% recycled office paper that's also FSC certified and carbon neutral? Close the paper loop and get recycled paper today.

Paper Lesson Plans

Planet Ark teamed up with Cool Australia to create NAPLAN accredited lesson plans all about how waste paper is processed and turned into glossy white paper.
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Get Solar Panels on Your School

With Planet Ark Power - your school/centre could run a mini-power station on its roof! Panels are installed free and then your power bills pay off the installation.

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Recycle Your Used Cartridges

Cartridges 4 Planet Ark

Your school can apply for a FREE cartridge collection box. You just need to use more than three cartridges a month.

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Make it Wood

Make it Wood

Research by Planet Ark demonstrates wooden structures not only look good, but do good. Wood structures at your school/centre will have positive impact on students wellbeing, and grades.


See how Woodleigh Senior School used wood...

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