Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled Paper
You don't need to compromise on quality to get the best environmental office paper available.


Join the Circular Economy

As a major part of our Make It Australian Recycled Campaign, Planet Ark has one of the most environmentally responsible paper products on the market: Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled Paper.

You don’t need to compromise on quality to get the best environmental office paper available. You can get bright white copy paper that’s 100% recycled, Australian made, carbon neutral and made with local FSC certified material. Just look for Planet Ark Paper at any leading outlet.

What’s so special about Planet Ark Paper and why does your choice matter?

  • 100% Recycled and FSC certified Australian paper waste. Your choice is helping divert waste from Australian landfill or from unnecessary exporting. 
  • Carbon Neutral and certified through the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Scheme (NCOS). Your choice is cutting your carbon footprint. 
  • Australian Made in a state-of-the-art Opal Australian Paper facility in Victoria. Your choice is supporting the Australian economy, providing local green manufacturing jobs and offsetting the environmental costs of importing paper from overseas.
  • Saves resources: recycled paper uses less energy and less water in the production process and keeps paper as a natural resource in circulation for as long as possible
  • Bright White environmentally friendly paper. Your choice means you get high quality printing with great environmental performance. 
  • Extending your environmental impact by supporting our other environmental campaigns such as National Recycling Week and National Tree Day.



Some people carry outdated ideas about the quality of recycled office paper. With Opal Australian Paper’s state-of-the-art facility these ideas can be put to rest. Planet Ark Paper has the same whiteness and brightness as other high-quality office papers and performs equally on dust tests. 

Your choice matters, so look for Planet Ark Paper at any leading outlet.

Find out which workplaces have happily made the switch to Planet Ark 100% Recycled Paper.

Is Planet Ark Paper packaging recyclable?

The good news is the cardboard carton (for boxes of 5 reams) is recyclable! The not-so-good news is the individual ream wrapper is not accepted by some of Australia's major recyclers, therefore, you need to place it in the landfill bin unless your council or business recycler says otherwise.

We are working hard with our manufacturers to procure state of the art technology that will allow us to have fully recyclable packaging.
In the meantime, the plastic lining in the ream wrapper will continue to keep the paper safe from moisture damage and stop it going to waste.


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