Planet Protector
Encouraging business to move towards using more environmentally preferable insulated packaging alternatives.

In November 2017, Planet Ark entered into Partnership with Planet Protector who are revolutionising the insulated packaging industry with Woolcool.

Woolcool is an insulated packaging range made from waste wool which is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material. The range is designed for the delivery of products that require temperature control which it does through thermal buffering and testing proves Woolcool maintains pharmaceuticals and food contents at their required temperature for longer than conventional material.

The use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes to transport cold goods has exploded in recent times. EPS is thermally efficient, but bulky to store, transport and has a range of negative environmental impacts associated with its use.

The latest statistics indicate that only 29.4% of expanded polystyrene (EPS) is currently recycled1 and the remainder either goes to landfill or ends up in the litter stream2 polluting our environment and waterways.

Planet Ark believes Woolcool offers a real alternative to traditional insulated packaging like EPS and we are actively encouraging businesses to move towards using renewable products that have a significantly less impact on the environment.

Through our Partnership with Planet Protector we will help develop and refine the Woolcool product range to deliver a more environmentally preferable packaging alternative for chilled distribution to homes and businesses.

For more information about Woolcool, please visit their website: 

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