Regis Aged Care furthering its renewable energy commitment

Regis Aged Care furthering its renewable energy commitment

By Rachel Rayner  October 29th, 2019

Working with Planet Ark Power, new installations of 5,400 solar panels across 21 homes will generate 2MW of electricity.


Planet Ark Power has commenced the next phase of solar panel installation to 21 Regis Aged Care homes across Australia. The new installations of 5,400 solar panels will generate 2MW of electricity, on top of the 1.6MW already installed as part of Phase 1.

Regis National Sustainability Manager Dr Kaushik Sridhar said the Phase 1 and 2 solar upgrades would not only produce better energy performance but also improve the Facilities through future proofing their homes against rising energy costs and regulations as well as health impacts from a changing climate. “Regis’ 3.6MW solar installed in both Phase 1 & 2 will prevent approximately 3,900 tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere per year.”

The installations are estimated to see an annual reduction of up to 20% in electricity consumption. This electricity reduction is the same amount of energy needed to power 259 homes’ each year, or 275 million smartphones being charged. It is the equivalent of burning 1.1 million kilograms of coal.

“It is great to see the partnership between Regis and Planet Ark Power creating such an important legacy,” said Paul Klymenko, CEO of Planet Ark, “they’re making a difference by committing to reducing carbon emissions significantly with each new installation.”


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By Rachel Rayner

After eight years as a science communicator around the globe, Rachel wanted to concentrate on supporting the environment and discussing energy generation. At Planet Ark she can do both – putting her studies in physics, arts and communication to good use.

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