Planet Ark Power and Regis Aged Care partnership to build a brighter future

Planet Ark Power and Regis Aged Care partnership to build a brighter future

By Rachel Rayner  June 12th, 2019

Planet Ark is proud to be a part of Regis Aged Care's ongoing efforts to be a leader in sustainability.


Regis Aged Care is committed to significantly reducing its environmental footprint and energy costs for the benefit of the residents, the community and the planet. However, enabling their Sustainability Program requires partnerships.

Planet Ark is proud to announce that their sister company, Planet Ark Power, will be installing solar energy systems on 17 Regis sites nationally.  Planet Ark Power’s partnership with Regis will last at least 25 years, with sites continually monitored to ensure working capacity is optimised and upgrades are fitted when required. By installing renewable energy and LED lighting, Regis will make it – quite literally – a brighter place for residents. 

Planet Ark Power, who specialise in large-scale commercial projects, will install more than 4,400 solar panels, capable of generating 1.6MWs of electricity, across the homes in all Australian states. The total combined area of the solar panels is 8,564m2, enough to cover 33 tennis courts.

“Being one of the largest private aged care companies in Australia we want to play our part in reducing our environmental footprint,” said Dr Kaushik Sridhar, Regis’ National Sustainability Manager. The Sustainability Program initiated last year highlights protection of our environment as an important global and local responsibility. “We want to continue to lead the transformation in how we live and use our resources in the future.”

The LED lighting upgrades coupled with these solar installations are estimated to see a 20% annual reduction of electricity consumption. This means around 3,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions will never reach the atmosphere. Residents can relax, knowing that Regis has a plan to protect their grandchildren’s future and provide their immediate environment with secure energy sources.

“The commitment Regis has undertaken is to be commended,” said Planet Ark’s CEO, Paul Klymenko, “we hope to see many other organisations following in their footsteps and making a difference.”

This is just the first phase of the program. Completion of the remaining sustainability developments is anticipated within the next two years.


By Rachel Rayner

After eight years as a science communicator around the globe, Rachel wanted to concentrate on supporting the environment and discussing energy generation. At Planet Ark she can do both – putting her studies in physics, arts and communication to good use.

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