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BINGO opens state-of-the-art recycling centre in West Melbourne

By Rachael Ridley  May 1st, 2019

BINGO Industries has unveiled its redeveloped recycling centre in West Melbourne, which will target a resource recovery rate of over 75 per cent.


BINGO Industriesone of Australia’s leading construction and demolition recyclers and an enabler of the circular economyhas unveiled its redeveloped recycling centre in West Melbourne. The site will target an industry leading resource recovery rate of over 75 per cent. The facility will become an important asset within Victoria’s network of recycling infrastructure, which already includes another four BINGO recycling facilities, with a combined fleet of 100 trucks and more than 130 staff.

“Large-scale infrastructure projects like this one will help reduce Victoria’s dependence on landfills, create new jobs and drive further investment in recycling facilities,” said BINGO’s Managing Director and CEO, Daniel Tartak. “We are keen to help the Victorian Government significantly raise the standards and compliance within the waste industry, right across the state.”

BINGO, which operates 13 recycling centres in NSW, entered the Victorian market in 2017 through several strategic acquisitions. In the last 12 months, the company has invested in excess of $50 million in acquisitions and committed an additional $50 million for upgrades of local waste management businesses and post-collections assets.

More than $20 million has been invested in upgrading the West Melbourne site, which now includes a cutting-edge resource recovery plant, new weighbridge, safety and structural improvements and upgrades to the electrical and fire protection systems, including thermal cameras.

Large-scale recycling sites that can accommodate great quantities of waste are integral to applying circular economy principles in Australia. The latest National Waste Report, released by the Department of Environment and Energy in November last year, revealed that three-quarters of our waste is actually generated by the commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) sectors, with 40% of this waste ending up in landfill.

BINGO and Planet Ark have been working in partnership since 2011. We share a vision for a waste-free Australia and have worked together to increase the amount of construction and demolition material that is recycled, while also finding ways to encourage more businesses to choose a verified and trusted recycler.

“Planet Ark is proud to see BINGO Industries expand its footprint in the Victorian market,” said Planet Ark’s CEO, Paul Klymenko. “As circular economy thought leaders, we are committed to working with business and government to create a sustainable future, and waste recovery and recycling are essential elements in circular economy implementation.”


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  • Make sure that the company that collects your building waste can verify that it has been taken to a recycling facility for high-recovery processing, like the facilities available at BINGO’s recycling sites.
  • If your business doesn’t yet have recycling systems in place, you can get started with the information available at
  • For more consumer information on recycling, including how to recycle correctly and what can and cannot be recycled in your local area, visit


By Rachael Ridley

Rachael joined Planet Ark in 2019 after eight years working in media and publishing as a producer, editor and writer. Rachael is excited to use her skills in content creation and communication to instigate positive environmental behaviour change.

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