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Latest Stories

Timber and Prefab Sector is set to Kick Goals Again in 2018

Date: 29-Jan-18
Author: David Rowlinson
The timber and prefab sector is set to kick goals again this year if a raft of ambitious projects get the go ahead, among them one of the biggest commercial timber building in the world by volume.

UK renewables created three times the power of coal in 2017

Date: 18-Jan-18
Author: Josh Cole
Sheffield University and BM Reports have released statistics showing that the renewable sector in the United Kingdom outperformed coal power generation more than three-fold in the year up to December 12.

Vanuatu bans plastic bags and polystyrene containers

Date: 18-Jan-18
Author: Laura Chalk
The Vanuatu government is the first country in the Pacific to establish a National Oceans Policy, with the aim of better managing the ocean and resources for present and future generations.

A year in review - Australian natives made some great comebacks in 2017

Date: 18-Jan-18
Author: Josh Cole
2017 was a big year for Australian animals making reappearances, with koalas, frogmouths and now mulgaras popping up in unexpected places.

Byron Bay celebrates the arrival of the world's first fully solar-powered train

Date: 18-Jan-18
Author: Josh Cole
An obsolete red rattler has become a hot topic as the first of its kind to run completely on solar energy.

NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More funding information session

Date: 16-Jan-18
Author: Claire Bell
WLRM Business Recycling & Waste and Recycling Infrastructure grants information session. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will be holding an information session and a webinar on 23 January 2018 as part of the latest Waste Less Recycle More funding for business recycling and waste and recycling infrastructure programs.

8 ways to green your 2018

Date: 11-Jan-18
Author: Laura Chalk
8 ways to form and maintain green resolutions for 2018

Our green resolutions

Date: 11-Jan-18
Author: Marty Middlebrook
There's always more ways to be green. The team at Planet Ark share their environmental goals for 2018 and how we plan to stick to them.

A global commitment to clean oceans

Date: 21-Dec-17
Author: Billy Pringle
A new UN resolution has seen almost 200 countries commit to eliminating plastic pollution at sea, while at the same time, a group of major businesses have revealed plans to build the first commercial-scale ocean-friendly plastic supply chain.

Marine plastic pollution: a personal perspective

Date: 21-Dec-17
Author: Rebecca Gilling
Moved by what she learnt at the Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference in Sydney in October, Planet Ark Deputy CEO Rebecca Gilling conducted her own mini-audit of plastic pollution on a recent beach holiday.

Liddell's renewable replacement will flick the switch and come in cheaper than coal

Date: 21-Dec-17
Author: Josh Cole
AGL has defied expectations with a replacement to the Liddell Power Station that will be both cheaper and cleaner.

East Fremantle First Town Council in Australia to Adopt a Wood Encouragement Policy

Date: 18-Dec-17
Author: David Rowlinson
The Town of East Fremantle in WA has become the first town or city council in Australia to adopt a Wood Encouragement Policy. A Wood Encouragement Policy generally requires responsibly sourced wood to be considered, where feasible, as the primary construction material in building and fit out projects.


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