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Latest Stories

Garden Bed and Rulers Up For Grabs

Date: 24-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Schools have been an important part of 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' since the beginning and they've had great results.

Your Fashion Footprint

Date: 24-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Fashion fever is all around us at the moment with Fashion Week coming to a close as well as the release of the Australian Fashion Report 2015.

One House, Four Hours, Four Tonnes of Recycling

Date: 24-Apr-15
Author: Brad Gray
If your household is like most Australian homes you recycle diligently. But how much do you think you could recycle in one four-hour period?

When You Get Outside .......

Date: 24-Apr-15
Author: Claire Grant
We urgently need to wake up to link between human health and the natural environment and make a personal and and collective commitment to reconnect with the great outdoors

The Real Impact of Plastic and How to Kick the Habit for Good

Date: 17-Apr-15
Author: Joe Baker
Among the substances polluting our land and water, plastic is both insidious and destructive. Single-use plastic bags are among the most damaging.

Help Create a Nature-Rich Learning Environment at Your School

Date: 16-Apr-15
Author: Claire Grant
Join Planet Ark and over 280,000 educators, children and parents in celebrating Schools Tree Day the week of Friday July 24, 2015.

Queensland researchers develop world-first water recycling system, discover valuable worm industry

Date: 13-Apr-15
Author: Marty McCarthy (ABC)
Farming sustainably can often be expensive, but Queensland researchers have found a way for aquaculture to profit from being eco-friendly, by growing worms in waste water.

UK Offshore wind farm fund nets £463m

Date: 13-Apr-15
Author: Daily Mail UK
More than £460 million has been raised for the world's first dedicated offshore wind fund to invest in wind farms off the UK's coasts.

The art of upcycling

Date: 13-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Re-purposing discarded objects through art and design could inspire consumers to be more conscious and provide solutions to the world's waste problems.

Demand for Sustainable Accommodation on the Increase

Date: 13-Apr-15
Author: Gordon Lane
Shifts in the accommodation preferences of tourists could prompt an increasing number of hoteliers to adopt green building measures.

Rotorua adopts wood first policy

Date: 07-Apr-15
Author: Chris Philpot
Rotorua District Council in New Zealand has become the latest to announce a wood first policy and action plan.

Wood is Good For Your Body and Brain

Date: 01-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
What is the effect of being surrounded by wood on students, workers, the elderly and patients in a hospital? A new report released by Planet Ark titled Wood - Housing, Health, Humanity brings together research from around the world that is starting to answer these questions. It's important reading for parents, teachers, health care workers and anyone interested in building their health and wellbeing.


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