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Latest Stories

South Australia declared a world leader in variable solar/wind energy

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Josh Cole
New research has found that South Australia is one of nine leading regions in the fields of solar and wind power generation.

Guilt free tea-bags, frozen food and paper drinking straws

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Josh Cole
Innovations and retro products alike are cutting back on single-use plastic around the world.

Planet Ark's flagship recycling info service is getting a makeover

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Josh Cole
After 11 years RecyclingNearYou is getting a facelift and going mobile.

Italian sheepdogs become little penguin protectors

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Laura Chalk
Mezzo and Isola are two fluffy white puppies about to undergo training that will enable them to be fox-fighting penguin protectors.

Brisbane Showgrounds Set to House the World's Largest and Tallest Engineered Timber Building

Date: 27-Feb-18
Author: David Rowlinson
The Brisbane Showgrounds is set to house the world's largest and tallest engineered timber building at 25 King Street. The first delivery of cross laminated timber (CLT) columns, beams and floor panels arrived at the grounds in February 2018 for construction. As the world's largest and tallest engineered timber office building, 25 King will be one of the most exciting additions ever made to Brisbane's skyline. A key element of 25 King's structure is the use of prefabricated modules for each floor.

World's Tallest Timber Tower Proposed for Tokyo

Date: 26-Feb-18
Author: David Rowlinson
Japanese timber company Sumitomo Forestry has revealed plans for the world's tallest wooden building in Tokyo, a 350-metre skyscraper that would also be the country's highest. Named W350, the ambitious tower would be almost four times higher than the world's current tallest timber building - the 18-storey Brock Commons Student Residence in Vancouver, Canada. At 350 metres tall, the skyscraper would also become Japan's tallest building.

How online sharing groups are building communities

Date: 19-Feb-18
Author: Claire Bell
A Planet Ark staffer shares how giving through an online reuse group gave her a whole new perspective on her local community and the love that can be shared between strangers.

Paper or plastic?

Date: 15-Feb-18
Author: Billy Pringle
An award-winning innovation in bioplastic design could replace cling wrap with a biodegradable product made from cellulose.

Woolcool turns waste wool into insulation wonder

Date: 15-Feb-18
Author: Sarah Thompson
The rise and rise of home delivery services has been a major lifestyle trend over the past couple of years, revolutionising the way we eat at home and the humble 'night in'.

An innovative solution to the problem of ocean pollution

Date: 15-Feb-18
Author: Elise Catterall
Two Australian surfers have come up with a simple way to reduce marine waste.

Indigenous women helping to conserve glowing turtles

Date: 15-Feb-18
Author: Josh Cole
Women from the Malgana mob are ensuring that endangered loggerhead turtles can be tracked off the West Australian Gascoyne Coast.

It pays to be paper wise in the office

Date: 08-Feb-18
Author: Claire Bell
The concept of a 'paperless' office was once a lofty goal as workplaces moved into the new millennium. But how does that translate into reality in 2018? Many workplaces have made great improvements in their sustainable paper use, but there's always room for more!


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