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Latest Stories

Thanks for helping make 2016 a great year!

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Brad Gray
Our mission is to help Australians take positive environmental actions, that's only possible thanks to our sponsors and partners

Cleaner Christmas Travel

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you travelling across town to see Nanna at Christmas? Or are you taking the family to another state for a summer holiday? Many people travel at Christmas but how do you make it as environmentally friendly as possible? We've got tips to make your trips clean and green with Do # 10.

The Secret to Battery-Powered Gifts

Date: 17-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
If you're giving a battery-operated present one of the best things you can do for the recipient (and the planet) is to include rechargeable batteries and a charger. It'll save them money and reduce the amount of energy and natural resources that go into producing single-use batteries. Check out Do # 9 Batteries Included.

Two More Wood Encouragement Policies Introduced in Western Australia

Date: 16-Dec-16
Author: David Rowlinson
The Shire of Manjimup, which is located 320km south of Perth, and the Shire of Dardanup, which is located close to Bunbury 180km south of Perth, have both voted to introduce a WEP at their respective council meetings in December 2016.

Magically Turn Your Mobile Into a Meal

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
It's great to spread the magic of the festive season. Especially when you're doing something positive for the environment AND people in need. So for every mobile you recycle with MobileMuster, they will donate the value of a meal to OzHarvest to help feed those in need across the country.

Choosing an eco-friendly Christmas tree

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Debbie Agnew
For a lot of us, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a tree, so should you fake it or go fresh?

Easy Electrifying Recycling

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you getting a new mobile, computer or printer for Christmas? We've got tips on how to make sure the old device and accessories finds a new home, either with someone or with a recycler. We're up to Do # 8 of the 12 Do's of Christmas!

Flings Save Tonnes of Paper

Date: 14-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
For Planet Ark's National Recycling Week this year, organisations around the country participated in the Friday File Fling, recycling 14 tonnes of paper in total. From corporates to small businesses, schools to sports clubs, unused office paper was flung back into the recycle cycle. Check out the overall environmental benefits since the initiative began.

Australian Solar Technology Used to Help China Reach Clean Energy Target

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Australia's solar heliostat technology will be used for concentrating solar thermal electricity generation in China. Thermal Focus, a Chinese Company, will now produce and sell CSIRO's patented low cost heliostats, field control software and design software in China with a shared revenue returning to Australia for further research.

Launch of Positive Environment News

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Brad Gray
Mainstream and environment news services, are full of articles about natural disasters, animal deaths, air and water pollution, waste, carbon emissions, and more. As an antidote to this overwhelming negativity Planet Ark has launched Positive Environment News as a way to inspire change and showcase the good things happening around the world.

Recycle Right At Christmas

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Brandy custard cartons? Mince pie trays? Squirty cream aerosols? Can these festive materials be recycled? Check out our top tips to ensure you're recycling all the festive food and drink packaging you can over Christmas.

Be Like Santa and Make A List

Date: 12-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Australians throw out about $1,100 worth of food each year and this is most pervasive at Christmas. Collectively that's more than $10 billion of food going to landfill. Check out ways to combat this like making a shopping list (and sticking to it), portion control and composting at home.


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