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Latest Stories

Wood - Nature Inspired Design Report Launched on World Wood Day

Date: 21-Mar-17
Author: David Rowlinson
To coincide with World Wood Day 2017 Planet Ark has completed a new report - Wood - Nature Inspired Design - which outlines the importance of connecting buildings with the natural world and how with 'nature connected design' (also called biophilic design) and using wood we can bring nature indoors and provide a healthier, happier environment for all.

Flower Power Makes a Comeback in California

Date: 16-Mar-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Spring has sprung in the most unlikely of places as rare 'super bloom' of wildflowers covers Californian deserts.

Businesses That Don't Recycle Are Missing Out

Date: 16-Mar-17
Author: Brad Gray
A local grocer spending $12,000 a year less on waste fees, an electronics retailer saving $8,000 and a large vitamin manufacturer saving $68,000 a year are just some of the example of the savings that can come from better waste management.

Big Data Combatting Big Litter

Date: 16-Mar-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Technology and big data are helping individuals to create a litter free world in a connected and even fun way.

4 Ways to Make the Business Case for Less Waste

Date: 14-Mar-17
Author: Ryan Collins
The new guide that makes the business case for less waste. Save money, get a competitive edge and improve staff morale

Bold Women Creating Positive Environmental Change

Date: 09-Mar-17
Author: Carol Warwick
How the environment impacts women and what three women are doing about it

Resilient Cities Take on Climate Change

Date: 09-Mar-17
Author: Alicia Jooste
Resilient cities around the globe are tackling everything from rising sea levels and coastal erosion, to energy and housing challenges.

Into The Wild, A Virtual Adventure to Save Rainforests

Date: 09-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
A virtual rainforest has taken over the ArtScience museum in Singapore. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rainforest thanks to some amazing technology which highlights the need to fight deforestation in South East Asia.

Printer Cartridges are Driving Innovation

Date: 03-Mar-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Recycled toner cartridges are part of a pioneering trial. In a world-first, recycled cartridges and tyres are being used together to produce a new roads across country Australia. The new surfacing has a low carbon footprint and last longer than normal roads.

A New Wave of Energy for Western Australia

Date: 02-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
In a rare example of funds being diverted from a non-renewable energy project in to a renewable one, Western Australia is to build the world's first commercial wave farm.

Is the Supermarket of the Future Plastic Free?

Date: 02-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
A new UK campaign could change supermarket shopping one aisle at a time with a simple idea to give consumers a choice to say no to plastic packaging.

These Googly-Eyed Garbage Gobblers Are Cleaning Our Waterways

Date: 02-Mar-17
Author: Alicia Jooste
Meet Mr Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel, the anthropomorphic inventions keeping our waterways clean.


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