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Latest Stories

Tokyo Set to Take Sydney's Green Olympic Medal

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
The 2000 Sydney Olympic games may have been the first to call itself the 'green' games but the Tokyo 2020 Tokyo Games look set to take it to the next level. Making the medals from recycled e-waste and building a wooden stadium are just two of the initiatives that have been announced.

Architecture Students and Refugees Build a Timber Community Centre for a Refugee Camp in Mannheim, Germany.

Date: 23-Feb-17
Author: David Rowlinson
18 Architecture students from Germany's University of Kaiserslauten have teamed up with 25 refugees to build a timber community centre for a refugee camp in Mannheim, Germany. Completed as part of the "Building Together - Learning together" program, the 550-square-meter structure breathes new life into the bare-bones surroundings with a beautiful new gathering space.

Tetra Pak Sets Industry Benchmark with Science Based Target Approval

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
Tetra Pak, the maker of milk and juice cartons used by billions around the world, is the first company in the food packaging industry to have their climate reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target (SBT) initiative. This initiative helps companies determine how much they must cut emissions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

The Sky's the Limit for the Humble Push Bike

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
It's the world's longest and a first for China, is it a train or a plane? No, it's a skyway, a cycling skyway to be precise and its part of China's big push for the push bike.

Increased Battery Use Proves Reliability and Accessibility of Solar Power

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Batteries provide answer to question of renewable reliability.

Disposing of Disposable Plastic in Delhi

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Carol Warwick
India has announced a ban on all forms of disposable plastic across the capital Delhi. The ban came into effect 1 January 2017 and single-use items including plastic cups, bags, plates, and cutlery are now prohibited in the National Capital Territory area.

Australia's Tallest Engineered Timber Building to be Built in Brisbane

Date: 15-Feb-17
Author: David Rowlinson
A high-performance commercial building and the tallest engineered timber building in the country is set to be built in the Brisbane Showgrounds development. The 52-metre-high tower will have the largest gross floor area (GFA) for an engineered timber office building worldwide.

Green is The Colour of Love - For the Planet

Date: 13-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
Show your special someone and the planet that your heart is green this Valentine's Day. We have some heart-warming ideas we think you'll want to try every day!

Solar and Wind Energy Now Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels in More Than 30 Countries

Date: 07-Feb-17
Author: Laura Chalk
A recent World Economic Forum report reveals that in 2016 solar power became the same price or cheaper than fossil fuels for the first time.

Pilot Flies 500 Miles On 10 Per Cent Plastic Waste Fuel

Date: 07-Feb-17
Author: Alicia Jooste
Environment groups On Wings of Waste completed a flight from Sydney to Melbourne using a combination of fuel made from plastic waste pollutant and jet A1 fuel.

Approval to Shred Massive Tyre Stockpile in Tasmania

Date: 07-Feb-17
Author: Brad Gray
A massive pile of more than a million used tyres stockpiled in Norther Tasmania is finally facing the shredder.

Manchester's Tree Change: From an Industrial to a Green Revolution

Date: 07-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
Manchester is leading the way for UK cities with a plan to plant three million trees, taking the city from a past of industrial grey to a future of vibrant green.


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