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Latest Stories

New Coral Reef Rewrites Textbooks

Date: 02-Mar-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Beneath the Amazonian Flume lies a hidden, deep and vast coral reef, and it's far richer than first thought.

14 Items You Can Recycle - But Probably Aren't (Part One)

Date: 01-Mar-17
Author: Brad Gray
Australians have embraced recycling with more than nine out of ten people recycling at home. But as the industry continues to grow and expand the range of products and materials you can recycle continues to grow. In this two-part series we showcase 14 items you can recycle - but probably aren't.

Dispose of the Disposable Coffee Cup

Date: 01-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
With a staggering 50,000 disposable coffee cup going into landfill in Australia every 30 minutes (yep every 30 minutes), it's time to dispose of our disposable coffee cup addiction. And to help you we're giving away 10 Planet Ark Keep Cups.

It's Time to Clean Up Australia!

Date: 28-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
It's that time of year when thousands of Australians head out into their local community with protective gloves and large plastic bags. Read on to find out how you can get involved in this year's Clean-up Australia Day.

Five Steps to Turn Back the Tide of Plastic

Date: 27-Feb-17
Author: Carol Warwick
Ocean plastic is a huge problem and it can feel overwhelming. But there are easy, positive actions you can take to help turn the tide of plastic. Check out this list of ideas. Find out more..

Chullora Waste Recycling Centre Fire

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Over 100 firefighters battled a blaze that has destroyed the Chullora recycling centre in Sydney's south-west. It sent massive plumes of smoke into the air and could burn for two days.

Turning Recycled PET-Bottles and Reclaimed Wood into Furniture

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
From the kitchen bin to the kitchen bench. IKEA has launched a new kitchen range made from recycled PET and reclaimed wood.

Using The Energy From a Soccer Ball to Light Up Learning

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Alicia Jooste
Kicking a soccer ball for 20 minutes generates enough energy to power an LED light for 3 hours, and allow kids to learn and after dark.

New Technology Turns Beach Plastic into Treasure

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Carol Warwick
An Australian company has launched a crowdfunding campaign for revolutionary recycling technology that could help clean up our beaches. It aims to turn sea waste into treasure!

Tokyo Set to Take Sydney's Green Olympic Medal

Date: 24-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
The 2000 Sydney Olympic games may have been the first to call itself the 'green' games but the Tokyo 2020 Tokyo Games look set to take it to the next level. Making the medals from recycled e-waste and building a wooden stadium are just two of the initiatives that have been announced.

Architecture Students and Refugees Build a Timber Community Centre for a Refugee Camp in Mannheim, Germany.

Date: 23-Feb-17
Author: David Rowlinson
18 Architecture students from Germany's University of Kaiserslauten have teamed up with 25 refugees to build a timber community centre for a refugee camp in Mannheim, Germany. Completed as part of the "Building Together - Learning together" program, the 550-square-meter structure breathes new life into the bare-bones surroundings with a beautiful new gathering space.

Tetra Pak Sets Industry Benchmark with Science Based Target Approval

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
Tetra Pak, the maker of milk and juice cartons used by billions around the world, is the first company in the food packaging industry to have their climate reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target (SBT) initiative. This initiative helps companies determine how much they must cut emissions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.


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