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Latest Stories

Get ready for National Recycling Week

Date: 05-Oct-17
Author: Ryan Collins
With National Recycling Week just under seven weeks away, now is the time to start planning your events and activities. So what is the theme and how can you get involved? Read on to find out...

Celebrating more than 10 years being Carbon Neutral

Date: 04-Oct-17
Author: Nell MacDonald
Businesses have the opportunity to set themselves apart by showing true leadership in sustainability. Printing and marketing firm, Finsbury Green, is one who has certainly taken the lead. With a robust environmental strategy that has been developed over 15 years, they have some impressive environmental achievements.

Fight waste and get a bargain at the Big Aussie Swap

Date: 04-Oct-17
Author: Josh Cole
Planet Ark is calling on Australians to join the War on Waste and take part in the Big Aussie Swap during National Recycling Week from 13th - 19th November, as councils, community groups and individuals around the country get on board.

5 ways to start your environmental sustainability journey today

Date: 28-Sep-17
Author: Sam Carey
Are you finding that you're becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, want to do your part but feeling overwhelmed about where to start? Click here to find out how we've got you sorted.

Southern states are bankrolling businesses in the War on Waste

Date: 28-Sep-17
Author: Josh Cole
The South Australian and Victorian waste and hospitality industries are getting a shot in the arm thanks to increased government funding.

Nearly 400 new species discovered in the Amazon

Date: 28-Sep-17
Author: Laura Chalk
A fiery-orange tailed monkey, a new species of pink river dolphin and a stingray resembling a cross between a pancake and honey comb are among the hundreds of new species discovered in the Amazon over the past two years.

Better demand management essential as electric cars hit the road

Date: 28-Sep-17
Author: Helen Nolan
Energy demand management has become a hot topic in Australia as consumers and big business struggle to adjust to service outages and rising electricity prices.

How far would you go for fair trade fashion?

Date: 28-Sep-17
Author: Billy Pringle
Two Australian women have just finished a 3500km trek across Southeast Asia to find people who are creating fashion in positive and sustainable ways

Macquarie University Innovation Hub Opens in North Ryde

Date: 26-Sep-17
Author: David Rowlinson
In a fitting testimony to its purpose, Macquarie University's new Innovation Hub was mostly pre-fabricated offsite, and the entire onsite build and fitout completed in five months.

Epson elevates commitment to cartridge recycling

Date: 26-Sep-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Epson has stepped up its partnership with Planet Ark to the highest level by becoming a Full Partner of 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. With over 3.5 million Epson printer cartridges already recycled, this commitment will build on this 14 year product stewardship success story. So why does Epson believe this is the right thing to do?

Schools are going solar with Planet Ark Power

Date: 21-Sep-17
Author: Martin Daniel
Planet Ark Power is helping schools around Australia to generate their own clean solar power, using energy efficiency and storage technologies with minimum financial outlay.

Does your school recycle right? Take the Challenge!

Date: 21-Sep-17
Author: Carol Warwick
Schools around the country are invited to join the Schools Recycle Right Challenge, a National Recycling Week initiative.


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