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Latest Stories

Philippine students graduating with a green thumb

Date: 04-Jun-19
Author: Jennifer McMillan
The Philippines has put forward a bill that requires all students from elementary school to college to plant trees as a prerequisite to graduate.

Sustainable printing? Yes, it is possible!

Date: 03-Jun-19
Author: Claire Bell
For many of us, printing is still necessary at times. To make this activity as sustainable as possible we've come up with five tips to better printing.

Planet Ark celebrates 20 years with Toyota Australia for National Tree Day

Date: 03-Jun-19
Author: Simone Horder
This year Planet Ark will launch a pilot seedling bank program with the help of National Tree Day sponsor Toyota Australia that aims to give communities around Australia the resources they need to connect with nature and fight the effects of climate change.

Australia's tallest timber building to top-up Melbourne Central

Date: 30-May-19
Author: David Rowlinson
Diversified property major GPT Group will build Australia's largest timber building, a premium 12-level office tower, on top of the Melbourne Central shopping mall, which itself sits above a metro train station.

The volunteers working to protect a very iconic Australian animal

Date: 28-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A group of amazing volunteers in New South Wales' Kangaroo valley is working to save some of our land's most vulnerable creatures, orphaned baby wombats.

Queensland's container deposit scheme exceeding expectations

Date: 28-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
The Containers for Change scheme began in Queensland just six months ago but has already achieved some incredible results.

New campaign to green the globe with millions of trees

Date: 28-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A ground-breaking initiative to plant 100 million trees around the world has been launched from the United States to benefit the planet's health and sustainability.

The European capital undertaking a rapid waste transformation

Date: 28-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
There is only one European capital city that has committed to going zero-waste, and it's probably not any of the cities you would guess.

Cartridges 4 Planet Ark nails product stewardship at a time when most are finding their feet

Date: 22-May-19
Author: Josh Cole
Consumers and regulators alike increasingly expect product manufacturers to take the lead in managing their products' end of life. While some sectors will hold out until legally required to change some of the world's biggest printer companies have been leading the way for several years.

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Bursting the bubble on balloons

Date: 22-May-19
Author: Elise Catterall
This week in Everyday Enviro, Elise tackles the big issue of balloons and their impact on wildlife if allowed to get into our natural environment.

Global coffee giant introduces pens made from recycled coffee capsules

Date: 22-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
In a great example of the circular economy in action, Nespresso has launched a series of limited-edition pens made from recycled aluminium sourced from used coffee pods.

Canberra to become first Australian jurisdiction powered by 100% renewable energy

Date: 22-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
While it remains to be seen whether climate policy will be a focus in Canberra following the election, the city itself is leading the way on renewable energy.


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