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Latest Stories

Office Flings Are Flooding In

Date: 21-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
Registrations for the Friday File Fling are flooding in from across the country. It's an easy to organise and fun staff engagement activity.

Businesses Large And Small Are Taking Part In An Office Fling

Date: 20-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
This National Recycling Week join businesses both large and small taking part in a Friday File Fling.

Greener Palm Oil Needs More Asia Support: Unilever

Date: 20-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
Palm oil buyers in India and China need to join those in Europe in signing up for a certification scheme to promote sustainable palm oil, consumer goods giant Unilever said on Tuesday.

An Aerial View Shows A Palm Oil Plantation In South Sumatra Province

Date: 19-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
Indonesia's plans to halt forest clearing will slow the aggressive expansion of plantation firms in the world's top palm oil producer, leading to higher costs as firms will need acquisitions or improved yields to boost growth.

Hidden Camera Captures Sumatra Tiger And Bulldozer

Date: 15-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
A video camera hidden in an Indonesian forest has captured footage of a rare Sumatran tiger in the wild and a bulldozer clearing the same area a week later for palm oil plantations, conservationists WWF said on Wednesday.

Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010

Date: 11-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
The inaugural Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010 is happening this November at Sydney Olympic Park. Don't miss out on, find out how to register here...

Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010

Date: 08-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
The inaugural Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010 is happening this November at Sydney Olympic Park. Don't miss out on, find out how to register here...

Clean Clothes, Clean Conscience

Date: 07-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
Palm oil is used in a range of everyday products from food and cosmetics to soaps and detergents. Unfortunately the increasing demand for this versatile vegetable oil is causing the rapid clearing of rainforests in South-East Asia, home to the amazing Sumatran and Bornean orangutans. Find out how Aware laundry are helping put a stop to this.

Sustainable Palm Oil Body Censures Indonesia's PT SMART

Date: 27-Sep-10
Author: Lucy Band
An industry body for sustainable palm oil has made its first public censure of a member, saying Indonesia's PT SMART Tbk breached its principles and may face sanctions, and also ticked off the firm's parent.

The Australian Tree Stories winner is .....

Date: 14-Sep-10
Author: Lucy Band
We were overwhelmed with the response to the Australian Tree Stories competition and would like to thank everyone that entered. So THANKS!

Even more time to celebrate how life is better with trees!

Date: 25-Aug-10
Author: Tracey Yong
Planet Ark have extended the closing date for the "Life Is Better With Trees" Schools competition to Friday 29 October 2010. Best of luck to all participants!

ALDI first to join Carbon Reduction Label Program in Australia

Date: 19-Aug-10
Author: Michelle Cook
Planet Ark is pleased to announce ALDI is the first company to join the Carbon Reduction Label program in Australia.


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