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Latest Stories

More Training For NSW Facility Workers

Date: 30-Sep-11
Author: WCRA is pleased to deliver the next workshop to introduce a Waste & Resource Recovery Facility Workers Manual to benefit waste management facility workers, waste and resource recovery educators and managers.

Low Carbon Australia helping your competitive advantage

Date: 16-Sep-11
Author: Lucy Band
With new Low Carbon Australia's financing opportunities there is no better time for business and industry to take steps to improve the energy performance of their buildings and operations, helping reduce costs and become energy smart and carbon savvy. Find out more

Old-Growth Forests Won't Save Planet

Date: 07-Sep-11
Author: Lucy Band
Managing regrowth may help us turn green.

Thanks a Million Australia

Date: 02-Sep-11
Author: Jodie Lewin
The National Tree Day 2011 results are pouring in and we want to say thanks a million. That's one thank-you for every tree, shrub or grass that was planted for Tree Day. Find out more...

Single-use plastic bags banned in the Northern Territory

Date: 01-Sep-11
Author: Zhi Yan
The Northern Territory's ban plastic bag ban starts today.

The forest companies of the future

Date: 29-Aug-11
Author: Guardian News and Media Limited
Climate change, population growth, and soaring demand for food, energy, water and other resources are changing the way the world sees and values forests. A vision is emerging of a new kind of company - the forest services company. In the future, forests could act as a backbone of sustainable economies by providing a multitude of renewable goods and services. The successful forest companies of the future will recognise this opportunity, use it to advance their own bottom line, and help ensure that forests survive and thrive.

Sustainability Perspective for Small Business September

Date: 26-Aug-11
Author: This month is Small Business September in NSW. The state government is encouraging owners to see their business from 'a new perspective' and sustainability is increasingly a new perspective for small businesses.

Toyota, Ford to Collaborate on Hybrid Trucks

Date: 25-Aug-11
Author: Reuters
Toyota Motor Corp and Ford Motor Co will work together to develop hybrid trucks and SUVs that will be ready for market by the end of the decade, the two companies said on Monday.

Zero Waste SA Sustainable Markets Grants now open

Date: 25-Aug-11
Author: The Sustainable Markets Grants program aims to encourage investment in projects that support the development of sustainable markets for recycled products.

Australia Passes CO2 Offset Laws, Carbon Pricing Next

Date: 23-Aug-11
Author: Zhi Yan
Australia's parliament endorsed the world's first national scheme that regulates the creation and trade of carbon credits from farming and forestry on Monday, to complement government plans to put a price on carbon emissions from mid-2012.

National Tree Day in action!

Date: 16-Aug-11
Author: Lucy Band
Check out this video of a 2011 National Tree Day event in Burwood, Melbourne, to see what Tree Day is all about.

Recycle Your Car Battery to Help Planet Ark

Date: 16-Aug-11
Author: Until the 11th September, when you take your used car battery to any Battery World store for recycling you'll receive $15 dollars off the price of a new Century or GS Yuasa car battery - and Planet Ark will receive $5 to help with our recycling programs.


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