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Do It In The Bathroom

Date: 11-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins

Bathroom recycling is child's play © Planet Ark

Bathroom recycling is child's play

While most Australians are star recyclers in the kitchen, when it comes to the other rooms of the house their recycling skills tend to go to waste meaning recyclable items like aerosol cans and shampoo bottles are ending up in landfill.

 The research presented in Planet Ark's Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers shows that the kitchen is the recycling hotspot with around two thirds (62%) of Australian homes having a recycling bin or bag set up there. This drops to about one in three each for the garage and the home office (37% and 43% respectively) and one in four (23%) for the laundry.  The bathroom with less than one in five (18%) houses having a recycling bin or bag is the lowest achiever. 

 About one fifth (21%) of Australian homes have a rubbish bin in each room but only 6% have a separate recycling bin in each room, despite an estimated three quarters of household waste being suitable for recycling. In many homes, this means the default option for disposing of our waste is to throw it in the general rubbish bin.

The results of this survey are broadly consistent with research done by Sustainability Victoria in Melbourne and with research conducted in the USA. 

 Interestingly, while the bathroom is the source of many products stored in recyclable packaging, such as deodorants, hair spray, shave cream, and air fresheners in aerosol cans, toilet paper rolls, and shampoos, conditioners and other products in plastic bottles, research consistently shows that the bathroom is the room least likely to have a recycling bin.

 Get in on the secret

  • Put a recycling bin or bag next to each garbage bin in the house.
  • If there's not enough space for that, make sure you separate the recycling from the rubbish, either in the room you use it or at the recycling bin.
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