Planet Ark News - Fundraise for Planet Ark and Win a Cotton Tee!
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Fundraise for Planet Ark and Win a Cotton Tee!

Date: 01-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly

Planet Ark Organic Cotton Tees! © Emily Donnelly

Planet Ark Organic Cotton Tees!

What do you do to keep fit? Do you peddle your pushbike at the crack of dawn? Walk your dog around the block? Puff your way up and down a pool?

With fun run season just around the corner, we're giving you the opportunity to get outdoors, get running and give back - by raising funds for Planet Ark's community education campaigns.


Get Your Hands on a Planet Ark T-Shirt

We know you love the planet, but we also know that the cooler mornings will make it tough to get out of bed and pound the pavement. That's why we're going to wrap you up in 100% organic cotton love, giving one limited-release Planet Ark t-shirt to every supporter who raises over $500 for our essential work through Everyday Hero.

To join in the fun while you run, it's this simple:

  • Set yourself a goal. It may be a fitness goal, but you can also choose a low-carbon lifestyle goal, a recycling goal, or even a fundraising goal - anything you think will inspire donations!
  • Create your personal ‘supporter page' for Planet Ark. Use photos, stories and videos to show your loved ones why a healthy planet is so important to you.
  • Spread the word. Share your page with your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to help you make a real difference by sponsoring your efforts. All donations are processed online and tax deductible, which allows you to get on with your challenge without a worry.

Why Fundraise?

As a registered charity, Planet Ark relies on supporters like you to keep our message alive.

We run National Tree Day, which connects 200,000+ kids with nature every year. Our 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' campaign has diverted 27 million used printer cartridges from landfill and the BusinessRecycling and RecyclingNearYou information services help millions of Aussies recycle from work and home.

We aim to make all of our campaigns simple, practical and inspiring, and we make them for you.

Want to do More?

Check out the calendar of upcoming events happening around the country or have a look at some of Planet Ark's campaigns.

Go on, create a profile and flex your fundraising muscles today - it'll feel great!

  • Recycling Week
  • Business Recycling
  • recycling Near You
  • Make It Wood
  • Tree Day
  • Cartridges for Planet Ark