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Making Better Choices

Date: 31-Dec-14
Author: Brad Gray

Safe Toilet Paper © Safe

It's true that making decisions about which products are better for the environment isn't always easy. There can be a lot of factors to consider: What is the impact of producing the product? What impact does the product have when I use it? Are their better alternatives on the market?

Being a conscientious consumer can be a lot of work, so we lighten the load by endorsing a select range of products that offer a more environmentally responsible alternative to commonly used products.

By purchasing Planet Ark Endorsed products you have contribute to real and positive environmental outcomes. Just look at the 50,000 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill by Australians who have chosen to purchase Safe Toilet Paper! The orange oil used in all Orange Power cleaning products and air fresheners is sourced from the residual orange peels produced by the fruit juice industry. Using one business's waste to create another's high value product is smart and effective and great for the environment.

Not only will you directly help the environmental when you choose Planet Ark Endorsed products, but you will also help us sustain the essential and well-known campaigns that Planet Ark runs every year, including National Tree Day and National Recycling Week.

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