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Green With Energy

Date: 04-Dec-14
Author: Claire Grant

Energy Journey © Claire Grant



Most Australians would agree that they could be doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. At a time when many of the large energy companies oppose the renewable energy target, consumers in Victoria and NSW have the power to control their energy source, switch to a greener energy provider and even save money.  

Australians are more discerning than ever when it comes to making greener choices and the demand for alternative clean energy sources is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2020[1]. Yet according to the Clean Energy Australia report, renewable energy was only 14.76 per cent of the annual electricity generation, with the remaining 85.24 per cent generated by fossil fuels[2].

The adoption of cleaner energy is on the increase, but as many of the larger power companies oppose the renewable energy target it's important for consumers that support green power to support companies that are working towards a better future and one such company is Powershop.

Planet Ark's Sean O'Malley, who has been a customer with Powershop, Australia's greenest energy company, since April 2013 is an advocate for making the switch.

For Sean this meant that he was able to have more control over his energy expenditure and save on costs as well as having the option to buy green power.

"I believe there is too much energy retail power in the hands of a few big companies. I wanted to save money with an organisation who had strong drive for renewable energy," said Sean.

More companies are looking to give control back to the consumer. Another reason for Sean's switch was that he now receives regular updates via email and the smartphone app on how much energy he consumes each day, allowing him to control his energy consumption.

"I can purchase energy in advance and I get to choose between purchasing green power or carbon neutral alternatives. And since I pay as I go, I don't receive a shocking quarterly bill like I used to."

Make the Switch to Planet Ark Power

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint - and live in Victoria and NSW -you have the power to switch to a green energy source. When you sign up for Planet Ark Power, Powershop will contribute funds towards Planet Ark’s campaigns that help Australian households and businesses live a low carbon life.

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