Planet Ark News - New waste paper recycling plant
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New waste paper recycling plant

Date: 27-Oct-14
Author: Chris Philpot

Paper Recycling

The waste paper recycling plant

Currently recycled pulp for office and printing paper is being imported from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified source in the USA overseas. Meanwhile Australia's waste office paper is either sent to landfill or overseas for processing into low grade materials like cardboard. These rather negative outcomes mean that Australia is not directly benefitting from the paper waste it creates.

The good news is that Australian has invested $90 million in a waste paper (deinked pulp - DIP) recycling facility in Maryvale, Victoria. The new waste paper recycling plant will take in up to 80,000 tonnes of waste paper, resulting in an output of 50,000 tonnes of recycled fibre which is equivalent to 16 billion sheets of A4 paper. This is equivalent to a tennis court stacked 1km high with paper.

The facility is now operational. In order to achieve economies of scale, Australian Paper will take the plant to full production as quickly as possible. Demand for recycled paper will greatly assist in this process.

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