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Buy Ugly Food and Help Local Farmers

Date: 25-Sep-14
Author: Marty Middlebrook

Harris Farm's Imperfect Pick © Harris Farm


Anyone who has grown veggies at home knows that nature doesn't always produce perfectly round fruit, straight carrots or big bunched brocolli heads. More often than not, home-grown fruit and veggies come in all manner of weird, wonderful shapes and sizes, and you'd happily eat it because it came from your own backyard. 

But we're so accustomed to seeing identical shaped fruit and veggies in shops that anything out of the ordinary seems suspect. To curb this, there is a growing movement around the world to get imperfect or ugly fruit back in the trolley and onto your plate. To date the most famous example of this new movement has been the French "Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables" (Fruits et légumes moches) campaign which has racked up more than 4.3 million views on Youtube.

Now one Australian Supermarket - the Sydney based Harris Farm - has joined the trend by launching their Imperfect Pick program. Under the bold program imperfect fruit and veg are labeled and sold at half the price of regular produce

Harris Farm state they are now going to "make their decisions based on the freshness of the product and how it tastes, not on how it looks."

Not only will this reduce wasted food - it will also benefit the farmers who bear the cost of produce that was previously deemed unsellable.

Statistics vary, but one thing is certain - Australians waste a lot of perfectly edible food.

Reduce Waste

There are lots of ways you can reduce food waste:

  • Make a shopping list
  • Plan meals ahead to ensure you get the right ingredients and
  • Store and cook the leftovers.

So don't discriminate against imperfect fruit and veg. Ask your local grocer what they do with imperfect produce and offer to buy it - at a discount. Straight bananas and blemished oranges taste just as good. 

And of course - you can compost any food waste at home, get a worm farm or join a community garden and grow your own ugly food!



[1] For more statistics on food waste visit:



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