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Responsibility is Trending

Date: 27-Aug-14
Author: Ryan Collins

Recycle your mobiles © Planet Ark

If you’ve recycled a mobile phone or printer cartridge you are part of a growing trend. Manufacturers of an increasing number of products are taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of the items they make. The responsibility trend now covers products as varied as plastic bags, mobile phones and tyres.

The products we use each day have an impact on the environment - from the energy and raw materials it takes to make them to the end of life disposal. Thanks to an increasing number of product stewardship programs the impacts of the items we use are being lessened.

Product stewardship or extended producer responsibility occurs when an industry works to minimise the health and environmental impact of a product over its entire life-cycle including sourcing raw materials, production, distribution, use and end of life.

Long established programs like MobileMuster and ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ are being joined by the likes of FluroCycle, which covers fluorescent lights and Tyre Stewardship Australia for tyres, and each of them makes it easier for individuals and businesses to do the right thing.

More Information

To celebrate the growth in programs like these Planet Ark has developed a short Product Stewardship Factsheet outlining their benefits.

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