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You Care, They Care, We All Care For icare!

Date: 22-Jul-14
Author: Freya Paterson & Diane Mann

iCare 8 Roll Pack © Planet Ark

By choosing to use the Safe and icare brands of toilet paper Australians have helped divert 50,000 tonnes of reclaimed paper from landfill – that’s equivalent to 850,000 wheelie bins of office paper – and saved enough water to fill more than 100,000 bath tubs*.

Planet Ark has been behind Encore, the makers of the Safe and iCare brands of toilet tissue, for more that 16 years. Both brands are made from 100% recycled paper and are Proudly Endorsed by Planet Ark. They both also have the Forest Stewardship Council Recycled label, which means you can be confident the paper used is actually recycled.  

There’s a saying, ‘Unless you’re buying recycled, you’re not really recycling.’ If you’re like most Australians and you diligently put office paper in the recycling bin at home and at work then buying high quality, Australian made recycled products is helping to close the loop on the whole process. 

Where to Buy Safe and iCare 

  • Safe is available at selected Woolworths, Coles, IGA and some specialty stores 
  • iCare is available from selected Woolworths, IGA and specialty stores.

Find out more about Encore Tissue, the makers of Safe and icare. 

* Figures calculated using the NSW Government’s Benefits of Recycling Calculator for Office Paper. 
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