Planet Ark News - Re-Knitting - The New Yoga
Planet Ark News

Re-Knitting - The New Yoga

Date: 22-Jul-14
Author: Rebecca Gilling

Yarn Bombed Pole © Queen Babs

Once the preserve of grannies, knitting has become hip. In fact it is now being seen as the new yoga. Whether on a cold winter evening or during your daily commute, it’s both relaxing and so satisfying to clink those needles and produce something beautiful and useful.

Knitting helps focus the mind and it requires a bit of practice and skill but what it doesn’t require is new wool. 

New wool is expensive and hard to come by. Old jumpers and other knits can be unravelled and the yarn reused – or re-knitted. It's a thrill and a skill trawling through the racks of knitwear at op-shops and garage sales to find quality yarns in great colours.

There’s plenty of information online about how to unravel woolen garments and how to wash the wool to remove the crinkles.

You may even be inspired to become a Yarn Bomber like Queen Babs who is bombing Sydney one pole at a time (and who provided the beautiful photo from JAM-Project). 

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