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What's Nature Worth At Home?

Date: 23-Jun-14
Author: Jodie Lewin

Planet Ark's new research reveals the value of nature to Australians

Planet Ark's new research reveals the value of nature to Australians

How much more would you be willing to pay for a home in green leafy neighbourhood?

These are two of the questions Planet Ark posed to Australians earlier this year as part of an independent survey exploring how much people value having nature at home, in their neighbourhood, at work, and at their child's school.

The results of the survey have been published in Planet Ark's Valuing Trees: What is Nature Worth? report sponsored by Toyota Australia and released in the lead up to National Tree Day on Sunday 27th July. The report highlights the financial, health and wellbeing, social, and environmental benefits of nature at home, in the workplace, and at school.

The (green) home is where the heart is

At home the research found that:

  • Australians would be willing to pay an average of $35,000 more to buy a home in a nature-filled neighbourhood than for an identical home in an area with little nature.
  • 4 out of 5 Australians (78%) said they would prefer to live in a home with many natural elements, such as trees, plants and a garden, over one that does not have these features;
  • Having a home with a backyard and living in a "green" neighbourhood with trees, parks and gardens was rated as more important than being close to work, having easy access to public transport, and having good shops or a shopping centre nearby.

Glowing green

Not surprisingly, the survey also showed that we believe all this nature is good for us.

  • More than two-thirds of Australians (68%) agree that living in a neighbourhood with lots of trees, gardens, and parks would reduce their stress levels;
  • 2 in 3 Australians (66%) agree they would be more likely to do outdoor exercise if they lived in a green neighbourhood.

These are just a few of the fascinating results revealed in Valuing Trees - What Is Nature Worth? Check it out for information on the value of nature at work and at school.

Get into Nature. Grow.

One of the best ways to get a bit of green time it to get involved in National Tree Day on Sunday 27th July. You can:

  • Participate in one of the hundreds of public sites that are organised by local community groups or councils. Visit the Find An Event page to search for one near you.
  • Or you could get your friends or family involved and take care of your backyard or balcony, then register your activity with us so it gets added to the national total.
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